Lugansk Ukraine City
I am Alex, your guide and interpreter in Lugansk city.
Alex is my original website that I have started in 2005 to help travellers who go to Lugansk city. Anything you may need to know related to Lugansk, just ask me and I will do my best to help you. Need a flight to Lugansk? Want to rent apartment or book a hotel room in Lugansk? Looking for a train or bus to Lugansk? Want to send flowers to someone in Lugansk or need to check if the girl from Lugansk is real? Just call me or contact me by e-mail. My cell phone number: +380502242890 and write to me at my current e-mail address:
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On my website you will fill find a lot of information on the best ways to get to Lugansk. I can book you the flights from Kiev to Lugansk or to Donetsk. I will arrange airport transfer, $25 if you land in Lugansk Airport or $125 if you land in Donetsk. I can buy any local flights for you. If you prefer trains, I have timetable of trains going to Lugansk from Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk or Odessa, and I can actually buy you the train tickets and send them to you, so you won't need to worry if there will be some seats available or if a lady at ticket office would know enough English to understand what destination you go. And you can also check buses schedule on my site, not only to Lugank, but to other cities around Ukraine and you can buy those online as well.
If you need a place to stay. I can rent you a nice apartment in the city center with WiFi Internet connection. All apartments are in the best part of town with banks and restaurants around. The price for apartments in Lugansk is $35-$50 per night. I only deal with owners directly, no agents, and I only deal with those who I know for years! So that is how I can get best price for you. Check the location of apartments on my google map where I have marked them and other places to go. Maybe you prefer to stay at hotels? No problem, I can recommed you nice hotels and book a room in one of them and arrange a taxi to pick you up.
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In case you haven't been to Lugansk yet, but would like to know how it looks, please, check the photos that I put on my site. You can find a lot of interesting places there and different events that take place in the city. And I recently started to make videos of Lugansk in HD quality, so you will be able to feel how it is to be in Lugansk.
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